car window tinting ipswichThe windscreen of your car is one of the most important parts of your vehicle as it is designed to protect you from the outside elements. With that in mind, a lot of car owners naturally choose to install car window tinting as it gives added protection not just to the window screen but to your car interior as well.

However, it is also important to note that not all window tinting will do. As much as you would like to install dark windows so that no one would be able to see you inside as you drive your vehicle, but it would be safe if you would check the window tinting laws in your state before you rush and have them tinted.

The laws in Australia follow VLT or Visual Light Transmission where it measures the light that passes through the window. For instance, the allowed minimum VLT for all side and back windows is 35% which means the allowed available light that goes through the window and tint membrane is 35% and the rest is blocked. For the windshield, only the uppermost portion can be tinted by 10%.

Since each AU state or territory has their own rules regarding tinting, make sure that you also know the laws in other parts of the country so that you won’t get into any trouble when you are visiting territories. Once you are certain about the laws for your vehicle and the required VLT for it, then your next step is to have tinted.

Avoid getting into trouble with the law, install appropriate car window tinting for your car. Make sure the tint installed to your car windows complies with the laws in your area.