tint your home windows dinmoreResidential window tinting has allowed most homes to feel secure while enjoying its added benefits. Many people might think that window tinting their homes is just a waste of money and should only be done on cars. But the truth is the benefits that you are getting when you had your car window tint installed is just the same if you have your homes installed with window films.

What protection can your home get with window tints?

Protection from the sun. You know that prolonged exposure to the sun is not good for your skin. In fact, if you are exposed to the sun for too long, you are also exposing yourself to sunburn or worse developing skin cancer. Too much UV can also cause premature ageing. Some people may think that if they stay indoors that they are safe from the harsh UV, but this is not true since these rays can easily penetrate glass doors and windows and can affect you in the process. Window film helps to reduce the amount of UV rays that go to your home by about 90%.

Protection for your furnishings. The light coming from UV rays can potentially damage your household furnishings. Your furniture, curtains, flooring and other important items can prematurely age if they are constantly exposed to UV light rays. Leather furniture is prone to drying out and cracking which will leave it looking old, dirty and ugly which will eventually need replacing in the end. Window tinting will stop this from happening which will make your furnishings more secure.