residential and commercial window tintingThere are a lot of great benefits to having a window privacy film for residential and commercial settings. Here are some of them:

Sun protection. Uncontrolled exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause premature skin ageing and worse can cause skin cancer. Too much sun exposure can also damage your interior furnishings over time. With window privacy tint, you will be shielded from the harmful effects of direct sunlight even when you are indoors since the tint blocks UV rays from penetrating your home or office. The window film not only protects us from the sun but also protects everything inside your complex.

Solar heat control. Tinted windows can reduce power consumption since the cool air will not escape and the hot air will not penetrate the windows. In colder months, the warm air will be working efficiently to stay inside the building and not escaping into the cold. Since your air conditioner can work with efficiency, it can reduce your electric bills.

Window privacy film improves privacy and security. Whine the window film provides you with a clear view of the outside, it prevents outsiders from seeing the inside of your building. If you want to give your employees a sense of privacy as they work through the day and not let them feel like they are in a fish tank then this an excellent window solution.

The anti-shatter quality of window film improves the integrity of the glass making it stronger. Although the window can still shatter it will not break easily making it harder for thieves to break in easily and preventing shards of glass from blasting in the event of an accident.